Saudi Arabia Quarantine Package For Domestic Workers
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Saudi Arabia Quarantine Package For Domestic Workers

Saudi Arabia Quarantine Package For Domestic Workers

As saudi arabia government announced that every unvaccinated expate who want to return saudi arabia must quarantine for their safety and to control wide spread of Covid-19.

Saudi Arabia Quarantine Package For Domestic Workers

According to saudi arabia quarantine package law you need to pay your quarantine fee which will be added to your flight ticket price.

Remember one thing that saudi Arabia quarantine package are very costly and the lowest saudi arabia quarantine quarantine package is 2400 Riyals.

You Can check saudi Arabia all quarantine package with full details and information From Here and then it will be quite easy for you to select the right quarantine package for you.

If you want to avoid quarantine at saudi arrival then you must have done proper vaccination and saudi Arabia government already announced the approved vaccine and their respective doses.

If you want to check out Saudi Arabia Approved Vaccine and their required doses and Click Here to check out the information. Keep in maid that saudi Arabia currently does not accept Chinese Covid-19 Vaccine.

Quarantine Packages For Domestic Workers

So now according to sources of arabinfo24 saudi arabia government ordered employers to pay Quarantine stay fee of domestic workers coming to saudi arabia. So this is quite relaxing new as you this will reduce the cost of traveling to saudi arabia.

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