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Pakistan Embassy Saudi Arabia Out Pass

Pakistan Embassy Saudi Arabia Out Pass

Your all problems in saudi arabia will be solved now. Pakistan Embassy Saudi Arabia Out Pass System Is Started Now

As Pakistan appointed new ambassador for saudi arabia so a new era is going to start and its big good news for all pakistani expates in saudi arabia.

Pakistani expates in saudi arabia is i a big source of money for Pakistan as they send millions of Riyals monthly to Pakistan increasing its economical strength.

So now its the responsibility of government to provide all possible things which expates in saudi arabia need.

Here is big announcement for all illegal pakistani expates in saudi arabia because now its your Time.

Pakistani Embassy Saudi Arabia is going to start online registration for all illegal pakistani expates from 1st June 2021.

You don’t even have to visit embassy because for this you will need to fill a form online and submitted to Pakistan Embbasy Saudi Arabia.

Once you submitted your application wih all required details your case will be forwarded to concerns authorities in saudi arabia and you will be notified with case status through text messages.

In some case you may be called to reach Pakistan Embbasy Saudi Arabia so don’t be afraid and just Visit.

Pakistan Embassy Saudi Arabia Out Pass

If you already submitted your documents and application you don’t need to submit it again.

Pakistan Embassy Saudi Arabia Out Pass

Just Send your name Iqama number and Date of submitting documents to following WhatsApp number and you will be notified with your application status.

Out Pass Whatsapp Number 

In case you have additional problems in saudi arabia just fill This Form fro your problem solutions.

As we all know that according to saudi arabia law now almost every one must take vaccine to carry on its work in saudi arabia.

But many people’s face problem as they don’t know about the schedule of second dose of vaccine in saudi arab so just check This Post to know all details.

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