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Saudi Arab New Visa For Deported Expates 2021


Saudi Arab New Visa For Deported Expates

As we know that saudi arab has strict rules for all including saudi citizens and expates so in many case you may face fine jail and as well as deportation from saudi arab with life time ban. Here we will look for some case in which you can be deported from saudi arab with ban duration.

Table Of Content

  1. What is haroob
  2. How to cancel haroob in saudi arab
  3. Penalty In Case Of Haroob In Saudi
    Iqama Expiry Penalty
  4. Iqama Expiry Penalty Saudi New Visa
  5. Ban In Case Of Haroob Status New Visa
  6. Ban In Case Of Iqama Expiry New Visa 


What Is Horoob Status?

Saudi Arab New Visa For Deported Expates

According to saudi arab labor law every worker must work with their own kafeel and company by which they came to saudi arab and if you tried to work somewhere else without your kafeel and company on other profession then your kafeel report you as absent from work which is called Haroob Status.

How To Cancel Haroob In Saudi

Once your kafeel filed your haroob status then you have only Two ways to cancel it


Talk To Your Kafeel.

This this most easiest way to cancel haroob in saudi as you have only 15 days for it you need to talk to your kafeel and convince him so he may cancel your haroob online through absher account.

Through Labour Court

If you failed to convince your kafeel and haroob is not removed and its more then 15 days since you have been reported as absent from work then it can not be cancelled online. Now you have to approach labour office for this matter in order to cancell your haroob in saudi arab but keep in maind that this way is so difficult and you have only 10% Chance to win case in saudi labour courts.

Penalty In Case Of Haroob In Saudi

Once you caught with haroob status in saudi you may face jail with huge amount of fine as well as deportation from saudi arab with life time ban and you can not to saudi arab on any kind of new visa.


Iqama Expiry Penalty New Visa

According to saudi arab law you must renew your iqama on time in order to avoid any kind of fine and penalties. Once your iqama is expired you have three days to pay your fee and renew your iqama. In case you failed to do this for first time you will have to pay 500 Riyals fine for the second time 1000 Riyals and for the third time you have to pay 1500 Riyals and you will be deported from saudi with life time ban on new work visa but still in this case you can go to saudi arab on Ummrah Visa and Hajj Visa.

Iqama Check Online 2021

Ban In Case Of Haroob Status

Most of the peoples in saudi arab are confused now a days about the ban duration in case of haroob status but let me clear you in past the ban was only 5 years but according to saudi arab new law about haroob you can’t come to saudi arab anymore once you are deported. Remember that news circulating on social sites about ban on haroob status are not real as they told that ban in case of haroob is 5 years.

Ban In Case Of Iqama Expiry New Visa 

If you are caught in saudi arab due to long period of Iqama Expiry then you may face huge amount of fine as well as staying as saudi jail and in last you will be deported to your country from saudi. According to the latest news of saudi arab once you are deported in any case you can not return to saudi arab on new work visa.

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