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Check Maktab Ul Amal Fee Status


If Want To Check Maktab Ul Amal Fee Is Paid Or Not then simply follow these steps and you will be able to check also you will be able to check the exactly amount of Maktab Ul Amal Fee.


First Of All you need to visit Minstry Of Labour Official Website.
Once you are at Minstry Of Labour Official Website
Select Option  خدمة رقصة العمل
Enter the Iqama Number
Enter Captcha Code Shown there
Then press the button.

Now you will see Two Options

If the status is تم سداد  means payment is already made.
If the status is منتهي الصلاحية means the number is expired because of non-payment


Now How To Check Exact Amount Of Maktab Ul Amal Fee

To check the exact amount you have to Log in to your any online banking

Bill Payment > SADAD > Ministry of Labor > Postpaid

Then enter the Levy Payment number and press continue 

Now You Will be able to see the exact amount of Maktab Ul Amal Fee.

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