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iPhone 11 Compition 89 Participate by answering the question and enter the draw to be one of the winners of the Green iPhone 11. Validity…… Validity To participate in the competitionNumber of winnersGiftFrom 21 to 23 September. How To Participate…… To enter the draw, log in to MySTC Or by participating in Hashtag: #ايفونكالاخضرمن_STC89 Total […]

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10 years imprisonment and a fine of one million riyals for anyone who offers a bribe

Public Prosecution revealed on Tuesday the penalty for offering bribery or the promise of a public official or his equivalent to get him to breach his job duties, as he is considered one of the major crimes that require arrest. The penalties imposed on those found guilty of offering a bribe include imprisonment of up […]

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Saudization Of Exhibition Of 12 Professions

 The Ministry of Labor and Social Development with the beginning of the new Hijri year 1441 AH, began to resettle the profession of exhibition manager for 12 economic sectors. Khaled Abulkhail said that the job of a sales outlet manager was limited to Saudis, before being excluded and allowed expatriates to occupy it, for only […]

Saudi Breaking News Saudi Laws Saudi Live News

List Of Accountant Professions For Registration

If you are on any accountant job in saudi Arabia then you must register yourself with Saudi Organizations For Certified Public Accountant in order to renew your iqama. This registration became Mandatory From 1 Mhuram 1441 Reasons For This Registration….. To Eliminate Unqualified Accountant Expates To Get Rid Of Fake Degrees Here is a complete […]