Agent Smith Virus Infected Over 25 Million Mobiles


Agent Smith Virus A Very Smart And Very fast growing mobile virus infected 25 million mobiles so far and growing so fast and its a big threat to all mobile users.
So lets have a look what is agent smith virus ? How does its works? Whats the purpose of this virus?

Check Point Researchers recently discovered a new variant of mobile malware that has quietly infected around 25 million devices, while the user remains completely unaware.

Primary Victims Of This Malware…

Primary victims are based in India though other Asian countries such as Pakistan and Bangladesh are also impacted, as are even a noticeable number of devices in the UK, Australia and the US.


Purpose Of This Malware….
So far the main purpose of this malware is to show fraudulent ads for financial gain and to make huge money through these ads. But its may be use for harmful purposes such as banking credential theft , deleting user date and much more.

 How This Agent Smith Works..

This Malware Actually Works In Three Phases

 First Phase Of Agent Smith…

In the first phase, the attacker lures users to download a dropper application from an app store such as 9Apps. These droppers are usually disguised as free games, utility applications or adult entertainment applications, yet contain an encrypted malicious payload. The dropper application then checks if any popular applications, such apps include WhatsApp, MXplayer, ShareIt and more from the attacker’s pre-determined list, are installed on the device. If any targeted application is found, “Agent Smith” will then attack those innocent applications at a later stage.


In the second phase, after the dropper gains a foothold on victim device, it automatically decrypts the malicious payload into its original form – an APK (Android installation file) file which serves as the core part of “Agent Smith’s attack. The dropper then abuses several known system vulnerabilities to install the core malware without any user interaction at all.

In the third phase, the core malware conducts attacks against each installed application on device which appears on its target list. The core malware quietly extracts a given innocent application’s APK file, patches it with extra malicious modules and finally abuses a further set of system vulnerabilities to silently swap the innocent version with a malicious one.

How To Be Safe From This Malware?

Firstly Always Download Apps From Trusted Places Like Google Playstore.

Check Your Mobile Apps If you notice some unknown app just uninstall it.

How To Your mobile is infected with agent smith virus?

If your mobile is showing too many ads and frequently ads appears on your mobile screen your mobile may be infected by agent smith virus.

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