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PUBG Game Caused Arab Girl Suicide

The security forces in Bisha province investigated and investigated the suicide of a 17-year-old girl who was hanged inside her family’s home in one of the centers on Sunday night. According to the sources, the body of the girl was transferred to King Abdullah Hospital in Bbeisha, while the public prosecutor opened an investigation into the circumstances of the death, and doubts about the game PUBG in the girl’s suicide. 

According To one of the relatives the family was outside the house during the incident. The girl was accompanied by her younger sister and the domestic worker. She lost her sister after her sudden disappearance. When she searched for her, she found her with a rope tied around her neck in a ladder leading to the roof of the house. A close relative confirmed that she was not suffering from any psychological or family violence.

The father of the late girl gave advice to parents warning of the dangers of games and electronic applications to young people and children, calling for the importance of monitoring children and girls and the applications they use on phones. 

It is noteworthy that a number of Arab countries have started to ban the game of PUBG after complaints about the game and its negative impact on society.

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