FaceApp Pro Big Scam Alert

The latest application of FaceApp a huge wave of media attention amid concerns about privacy on the Internet.

A search by ESET showed that the latest fuss about the FaceApp application caught the attention of fraudsters who wanted to make some quick profits. The scammers used a fake version of the “Pro” application as bait, and made an effort to publish this phantom version of the current viral application.

According to the research, one form of fraud uses a fake Web site that claims to offer a distinct version of FaceApp, while the second type of fraud includes YouTube videos that again promote download links to “Pro”.

One of the deceptive videos has captured 150,000 views so far.

The Forefront Forefront application provides many facial image adjustment filters, available for both Android and iOS operating systems.

Although the app itself is free, some special features such as “PRO” are provided with a fee, along with the viral potential of the famous image filters.

The search revealed that in a fraud, attackers used a fake site claiming to provide a distinct version of FaceApp, and fraudsters deceive their victims to click on innumerable offers to install apps, paid subscriptions, advertisements, surveys, etc. The victim also receives requests from various sites to allow viewing Notifications, and when enabled, these notifications lead to more fraudulent offers.

YouTube videos contain download links that point to applications whose only function is to make users install many additional applications, and shortcuts can cause users to install malware as well.

“Last Thursday, there were more than 200,000 fake and fraudulent stories on the Internet about FaceApp Pro,” said Lucas Stefano, a Lucent researcher. “There is a YouTube video that has taken 150,000 views alone, 90,000 times, even legitimate online business does not have such high click rates that cybercriminals can achieve. “

Stefanco added that this section claims to provide a link to download the APK application for FaceApp Pro for Android, pointing out that users should remember to adhere to basic security principles before they become victimized.

Regardless of how exciting “opportunity” appears, you should avoid downloading apps from sources other than official app stores, and checking available information about the app (developer, review, reviews, etc.).

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