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Annual Fee For opening business activities 24 hours

Cabinet recently decided to allow business activities to operate for 24 hours, with a financial fee set by the Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs.

According to the reasons of the decision, the amount of the financial remuneration to be determined by the Minister shall not exceed a maximum of 100 thousand riyals per year in accordance with the considerations he deems appropriate. He shall also determine the commercial activities for which such a consideration does not apply, as required by the public interest or the nature of such activities.

 Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs will coordinate with the Ministry of the Interior to establish approval controls, while the Ministry of Labor will set the controls for working hours outside regular working hours, with implementation to begin three months after the announcement by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs.

The Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs, Dr. Majid bin Abdullah Al Qasabi, said that the decision to allow business activities to work for 24 hours will positively affect the level of satisfaction of urban residents and open new horizons for the business sector in all its sectors.

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