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Annual Fee For opening business activities 24 hours

Cabinet recently decided to allow business activities to operate for 24 hours, with a financial fee set by the Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs. According to the reasons of the decision, the amount of the financial remuneration to be determined by the Minister shall not exceed a maximum of 100 thousand riyals per year […]

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Minstry Warning About Hajj services for user information

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah warned against suspicious websites that claim to provide Hajj services. The ministry said that suspicious sites are phishing to obtain user information. And invited those wishing to perform Hajj rituals not to deal with those sites, and to go to the official channels to end the necessary procedures. It […]


FaceApp Pro Big Scam Alert

The latest application of FaceApp a huge wave of media attention amid concerns about privacy on the Internet. A search by ESET showed that the latest fuss about the FaceApp application caught the attention of fraudsters who wanted to make some quick profits. The scammers used a fake version of the “Pro” application as bait, and […]