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Masterbation Hand Practice Effect Hight Growth

This Article Is Just About To Clear Your Maind About Masterbation Hand Practice Effect On Hight Growth

After So Many Searches Done I Came To This Only One Single Reason That It Could Effect Your Hight Growth

A high level of testosterone is associated with the initial phase of puberty which causes growth spurt in adolescents. Testosterone is associated with the various physical changes occurring in the body during puberty, especially in males such physical changes include an increase in height, muscle growth, pubic hair growth, and enlargement of the male reproductive organs. There is some evidence that indicates that testosterone levels may rise during masturbation, ejaculation, which is the result of masturbation, does not significantly affects the levels of testosterone, semen ejaculated after masturbation is not the primary source of testosterone. Masturbation does not stunt growth, but excessive masturbation might affect your normal testosterone level and which may affect growth.

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