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CameraLess App For Android Block Camera

✔ 24/7 full camera block protection from any type of unethical or unauthorized camera access.

✔ Block and protect camera by single tap on widget or notification. (Pro feature)

✔ Automatic camera block on specified time interval.

✔ Notification app launcher for temporary camera access to selected apps. (Pro feature)

✔ See app list that using camera permission.

✔ See each camera permission app statistic and probable risk level.

✔ Get notified when new app installed with camera permission

✔ Support of front and back camera

✔ No root needed.

✔ No battery drain.

✔ Quick and easy to use

★ Camera Blocker will Protect Against ★
✔ Background and Unethical Camera Use
✔ Misuse of Camera by Others

★ Most Uses ★

✔ Block, Disable, Shield and Protect Camera against unethical and unauthorized camera access.
✔ Camera Restriction from children’s or friends and make mobile cameraless.
✔ Camera blocker will detect all camera apps.

Download Link Is Here👇👇👇👇

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